Wednesday, December 16, 2009

American Christmas Without Jesus

Here we are again The Middle of December 2009 . Where did the year go. Its amazing. The Inaugaration of our President was just yesterday seems like and we just had Thanksgiving and now Christmas is less than 10 days away . Oh My ! But what is Christmas in America in Mid December 2009. Do many people know what it is about now a days. Even Christians and their children . Even Churches. I don t know .

Well let me get Fundemental . That is a bad word now days. Everybody wants to be so-called " Cool " and New Age. Well Let me go back to the Basics. This is pretty deep subject but here it is in its simpllest Form . The Greatest Story Every Told ! I have added a few Scriptures to aid you in your access to the Knowledge of Our Wonderful God please read them if nothing else !

Christmas is the Celebration of Gods Gift to the World in the Form of the Baby Jesus who was born in a Manger in a Miraculous Birth from a Virgin - Luke 1: 26-80 . Fathered by God Himself by means of the both Sweet and Mighty Holy Spirit He ( Jesus ) is the Only Begotten Son Of God ! Since a man who descended from Adam ( the Physical Father of all mankind ) was not the father of Jesus and His mother was a Pure God Fearing and Loving Women Jesus was Born without a Sin Nature . Since He was Born of the Holy Spirit which is God Himself Jesus is also God thus His Name is Emmanuel interpreted " God With Us " -Matt 1 : 23. In the Book of Isaiah 45 : 15 ( Note Caps for the S in Saviour ) for one example of many God says that He is the Only Saviour and thru out the Old Testament God says He would send a Messiah to Wash Away our Sins - Matt 1: 23 . So Christmas is the Celebration of God leaving His Throne and Safety of Heaven to Humble Himself and become a part of His own Creation and coming to Earth in the Form of Man a GodMan in order to Die for our Sins.

John 3 : 16-17 " For God so Loved the World , He gave his Only Begotten Son , That whosover believeth in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life. For God sent not His Son in the World to Condemn the World but that the World thru Him might be Saved "

It is our time to remember what God told us thru the Holy Scriptures about the many babies that were murdered by Satan thru Herod the King trying to stop the Coming of our Lord and King to the Earth . It is our time to See Gods Hand upon us and Jesus as Joseph Jesus Father and Mary His mother fleed to Egypt unitl it was safe to come back to Bethlehem to have the Baby. It is our time to remember how when Joseph and Mary got to the Inn ( Motel back in the day ) there was no room . Jesus was born in a lowly Manger with farm animals likely. A fitting place for a Humble Servant to be born after all Jesus would say Himself I Am the Seed of Abraham and the Offspring of David. I Am the Lamb of God. I Am a the Son of Man. I Am a Servant of all Servants. I Am the Good Sheperd . And we cannot forget the Three Kings who came from a far away place to give Baby Jesus Expensive and Rare presents that were fit for a King . For they were told of the Babys coming by an Angel . They knew He was the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords !

Don 't get me wrong like most people I love the Santa story . I enjoy Frost The Snowman , Scrooge , and other Christmas Classics. But at the end of the day they were even less than the Icing on the Cake. As a child the first thing I did when I woke up was to say Happy Birthday Jesus. I still do that till this day. I knew the Real Reason for the Season. And we all slip back some. But bring You and Your Family back Closer the Rememberance of Christ. Bring this nation back to the Focus of Christ.

The first thing God told us about Satan is that he is very subtle or crafty . He is a Diabolical genius we must admit and see. Satan does not want the spotlight on God. He does not want us to fellowship with God. Depend on God and Worship God. So Satan teaches us trains us to look to ourselves and praise ourselves and enrich ourselves. But he does not come right out and say Don t think about Jesus on Christmas and know and Teach the Reason for the Season he slowly feeds Materialism and False Joy until we don t notice that our Family and Society very seldom if ever mentions Jesus name during this season. Its all about Toys for the kids and nice things for the adults. A new Tv , the latest gadget , nice clothes . Lets go watch the New Movie that just came out there is plenty of those during this season. Economist are focused on how the Retailers will profit or won t profit off the Commercialization of Christmas. So lets open up the Big tent and not call it Christmas so people who come to our stores or watch our tv shows are not offended by the Name of God in Christ Jesus. I am 32 when I was a kid 20 years ago I notice stores saying Merry X-mas and at school I learned that some people Celebrate Kwansa . Lets not offend anyone.

But we Offend Jesus . He never asked for us to have a Holiday for His Birth. But we gave Him one and every year we take back more and more. Liberal Politicans, Judges and the School Boards aligned with the Aclu have taken down Manger seens in Public places and you cant sing Holy Night in schools. Here is a video of the Horrendous things done in the name of Offended God and Christians not to offend a few of Atheist and others . Christians as individuals and too many Churches have sat by silently and even worse elected those Liberal Politicians who put Liberal Judges and statues in our Cities and Towns all Across the Nation . As we Praise Christ in our Churches and Teach the nice stories in the Pews we bow to the Fallacy of the Separation of Church and State hampering our efforts to Preach the Gospel to the Unsaved. Even a Hardcore Fundemental Soldier of Christ like myself have given into much. But I God I repent of this evil. I stand FlatFooted and say that You are wrong President Obama when you say that this is not a Christian Nation. We would not be the Most Blessed save Acient Israel if we were not . That argument is for another day bring it on. But for today We as Christians I pray will No Longer stand Idly aside while whatching Christ being Shoved out of the Manger that we gave Him in the Holiday of Christmas.

So knowing that we are a Christian Nation why would we bow to other reliogious concerns including Atheist. Try going over to Iran or China and not follow their customs and ways of doing things. Ask them to be Tolerant of our wishes even the sensible ones and see what you get. Ask them to have a " Big Tent " . Not saying that being unflexible and unreasonable even is right but the Point I am making is this. We will not change our Beliefs and Customs as a Christian Nation to make you comfortable. That means that we are putting your beliefs before ours. We live in a time when Political Correctness and the Media want to make it a Even Playing Field where all things are Equal and they are not. We are afraid to Stand up and Say as Christians that we are Right and everybody else is wrong. We fell to offend others with this but we Offend Jesus. We please others but not Jesus. Are we God Pleasers or Men Pleasers ? So lets just keep things like they have always been and Thank God for His Blessing upon this Nation. Lets not be like the Israelites who forgot the Very God who brought them to a Land Flowing with Milk and Honey. A Promise Land indeed. They lost it all because of Compromise and Spirtual Adultery. If God did it to them He will do it to us. Be not Ashamed of the Gospel of Christ !

Because of the Joy of Jesus Christmas is a Special time even for the NonBeliever. His Joy is Contagious and It flows like a Stream down a Mountain even to the Low Places . So the high that many feel from Christmas time is not the Fresh taste of the water from of the Mountain. It is more like Bottled water from the Spring. Not the same. Our Job is to make it Availble to them but yes all will not drink of this water. So Cheifly we should not go to Bottled water in order to make them feel more Comfortable. God Forbid .

Lastly , Merry Christmas to All . Let me leave you with this story. When I was a child maybe 8 or 9. My family was in Captain Ds. A local Seafood Resteraunt. We were in a booth waiting for our food. It had to be Early December. My Mom and Dad told us that we would not be having Christmas this year because Christmas was about Jesus Birth. As you could imagine for a young Child that was hard to hear and I immediately slumbered in spirit. I knew Jesus was Lord and Loved Him for I learned of Him earlier when I went to Sunday School but Toys were on my heart and mind too of course :) . Then my Mom said , " You will have a Christmas : I just wanted you all to know that Christmas was really all about " . As I look back at it I say thanks Mom and Dad ! But it sure was a tough way for me to learn that lesson for few minutes Lol. But it was True Love and Training a child in the Way he should Go. For Here I am now some 20 years later saying with Joy JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON !

Summary : We can tell somebody and ourselves I might add . You might have alot of money or any for that matter to buy a bunch of gifts and get in debt to start the new year out but You can have Jesus for Free ! You might be away from your family , don t have family , or don t get along with your family during the Holidays but Jesus is always There to Love , Befriend , and be your Comfort and More than Enough ! All you have to do is ask Jesus into your Heart and He will do what He came to Earth to do more than 2000 Years ago now. He will Wash Away All of your Sins and Give you Joy Everlasting and Everlasting Life ! We might not all have these great Gifts to give or recieve but we can all Have Jesus !
So Like George Bailey in the Movie " Its a Wonderful Life " I believe at the End he runs thru the Streets Yelling MERRY CHRISTMAS MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE ! Lol. With the Love of God and with Thanks to Jesus I say MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL !

Watch and Listen to Tamela Mann and the Crabb Family Bless The Name of Jesus. Bring the Children around to Praise and Worship our Lord and Saviour ! It is Your Time Jesus to be Celebrated and Adored !

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