Monday, April 26, 2010

Call in the National Guard or Call in Jesus ? Part 1

I was just watching the News and I saw a disturbing story . 113 Dead by gunfire in Chicago since January . SHOCKING to say the least . Horrible and Reprehensible to say more. Among the dead recently was a baby . I am not sure if you remember last year the death of Derrion Albert . How could I write this story without including this story . Maybe Derrion was a Hero . I believe so . He is a Hero not just because he was an Innocent 16 year old walking home from school and was mercifully beaten to death . But he was an Honor Student 16 year old walking home from school beaten to death . He is a Hero because his death caught on tape allowed us to see the Wicked underbelly of Chicago and many of our cities and even rural areas. That bad part is that I am off mark in calling it the underbelly . It is more like the norm too much and too often . We have just accepted what we see on this video. Please watch if this is your first time and even if it is not watch again. This video is my inspiration to make the world a better place
Video: Teen Attacked, Beaten to Death in Melee - Chicago Breaking News

As I watched I tried to hold back tears but really how can you ? I did not expect the level of anger that felt but how could you not ? Completely Barbaric. Uncalled for . Reprehensible and Disgusting . If the video is not enough listen to those who are looking on . One says " Put that Nigga to sleep " One is laughing . There are a few trying to help the young man . But at this point I am not sure what could of been done .
That was in September of 2009 . Now some 7 months later the crime and killing spree in Chicago is still burning like a Wildfire in dry season with no relief in site . And just like a Wildfire lawmakers in Illinois want to call in the National Guard to put it out . But the question that Chicago and America has to ask itself is the National Guard the ones we need to be calling into or Drug , Ganged , Prostitute , Poor and Decrepit Neighborhoods ? Or should it be Jesus Christ ?
Everyone or at least most I am sure would agree that if you want to solve a problem then you have to get to the Cause of the problem . Then you can come up with a Remedy . And then work to implementing that remedy . For instance . If you fall and scrape your arm as a child what would you do . At first I did not know but when my mom found out I had a boo boo she cleaned it up and put a band-aid on it . As little boys often do I had many after that. The scrape and the pain that it caused combined with the risk of infection was the problem. But now I knew what actions to take to make it all better ! Just like mom showed me !
With that Simple Wisdom of Describe the Problem - Find the Cause - Prescribe a Remedy we are able to Solve the Wildfire of Death , Hurt , Pain , Hopelessness , Poverty , Evil , and Destruction in Chicago our Nation and all over the World for that matter. Lets start in Chicago as our Test Case . Lets Describe the Problem . Drugs , Gangs , Prostitution , Poverty , Despair , Violence , Disease , and Death . We know thru studies , mental and psychological study , and good ole Life experience that people do drugs , join gangs , prostitute themselves and others , kill , and live in poverty for various reason . But right on top of them are Low Self esteem and self image , not knowing the value of their life and purpose , No Role Models / Broken Homes , Bad Role Models/Broken Homes , wanting to have a since of family , and Bad Moral Decisions like early teen parenthood , sex out of Wedlock .
I have some Good News and some Bad News for Chicago on how to fix this Evil . The Good News translated is the Gospel of Jesus Christ . The Bad News is getting the Government more involved in your life means your Neighborhood looking even more like a War zone , less freedoms and a slippery slope , and more tax dollars thrown a problem that will only at the very best put a piece of gum on a Levy to hold back Flood Waters that only the Prince of Peace can Hold Back . So Chicago and America do you want the Good News or the Bad News . The Good News is Jesus Christ and the the Bad News is more Government , Less Freedom , and more taxes . They all go hand and hand more often than not .
Years ago while thinking about the problem of Inner City crime and the destruction that it brings to cities and neighborhoods I thought of the same thing. Why not bring in the military and smacks some heads of bad guys to control the situation . Because the truth of the matter is the neighborhoods are indeed like Occupied territories . The Gangs control and claim certain areas . You do not want your children playing outside for they might get stuck by heroin needle or caught in a crossfire as I almost did as a young man coming home from football practice. The only thing that saved me ironically is a kid who I had fought a couple years earlier warning me to go a different way home. About two seconds after I turned around I heard Gunshots and the rest was a Blur cause I ran like Carl Lewis to a near by house well a stranger gave me ride home. I was about 12 or so at the time . And relative to Chicago I lived in Beverly Hills .
But Although I have brainstormed as the Chicago Democratic Reps. John Fritchey and LaShawn Ford and Willie Williams whose son was killed in 2006 that the Guard should be brought in I sternly disagree now that this is the Remedy . It is true that you cannot Legislate Morality . You only end up taking away peoples Civil Rights and throwing money into a Black Hole with very little return . The citizens of Chicago do not need more Government Programs and Political groups to help them . They need Jesus Christ .
The Citizens of Chicago need to have a reason to Live ! A reason to have Joy ! A reason to get an Education . They need to have a Moral Compass that only God can give . That Compass says No I cannot pick up a 2 by 4 and kill a innocent person . I will not join a gang. Gangs are stupid and dangerous. A Moral Compass that says I want to help my mom with the bills. I do not want to be a single parent . I want to get married first . Or at least I will use a condom and or birth control . I want to contribute to society not take away . I will not use of deal drugs. Are these things not what Chicago is missing. People are killing each other over money , drugs , territory . The National Guard is not going to stop the Depravity of Morality that only God can Fill thru a relationship with His Son Jesus Christ .

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