Monday, April 26, 2010

Call in the National Guard or Call in Jesus ? Part 3 Where are the Liberal Action Groups and Social Policies

As we see the Horror and Pain caused by the Senseless and Heartbreaking Beating to Death of 16 Derrion Albert in Chicago and the Sickening Rape of a 7 year old in Trenton , Nj we have to ask our selves going back to the simple cause and Effect rationale. What caused such monsters . So young but operating from the deepest pits of Hell . In both cases it was not just one or two doing such unheard of evil but several !
It is time to stop blaming George Bush and mean Republicans for such Poverty and Death in the Inner Cities. Many Urban Hell Holes are controlled Mostly by Democrats and they have alot of Representation thru out the years in Washington also. Please see Chicago and Illinois Politics , New Orleans , New Jersey , Detroit and Southern California . Some of the Worst places in our Nation are Heavy Democrat Strongholds . Are not the Democrats the ones who care about the poor and downtrodden so much . Why were the Literacy rates in New Orleans and the schools across the nation so poor . Opening the Door for people to live in dead end neighborhoods , have low wage jobs or join the best employer in town the Local Gang .
Corruption in Chicago our Test City for the Saving or America is known as the Worst or at least in the Conversation for sure. Look at this quote from an article entitled " Cook County a Dark Pool of Political Corruption " on
" In the last 36 years, 31 sitting or former Chicago alderman have been convicted of corruption or other crimes. The last was Ike Carothers (29th), who earlier this month plead guilty to charges he accepted gifts in exchange for his votes on zoning issues. "

They could not say a just a pool of corruption but a " Dark Pool " . That article is just the Tip of the Iceberg for Chicago . But lets go back to Cause and Effect.
- Cause - People are Morally Corrupt with No since of Moral Compass
- Effect - Citizens get worst and worst creating Ghastly crimes against each other .
2. People who are Morally Corrupt with No since of Moral Compass elect people who are Morally Corrupt with No Sense of Moral Compass
3.People get elected to office who are Morally Corrupt with No since of Moral Compass and Institutionalize the things that cause Poverty , Violence , Government dependence , while kicking God out of the the city
4. People remain Poor , Ignorant , Die , Join Gangs etc .
Is this not the Place where Hope and Change Originated . These people in Chicago and New Jersey have obviously not gotten the Memo that a Black man Barack Obama was now President . That he was there to save them ! That they could be anything the wanted to be . They did not learn it from the great Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King so why would they learn it from a intellectual Empty Suit like Barack Obama . The Only thing that will Save these Children and their parents is Jesus .
We need to Send Barack Obama back to Chicago to fix what he and Acorn help create . Perpetual Poverty , Crime , Despair caused by Government Dependence an intensified by the Economic Crisis . What was Barack Obama doing as a Community Organizer. Well Acorn is on video telling a Actors posing as Pimps and Prostitutes they could get a Government sponsored house with their help so that the pimp could run an Under aged South American girls prostitution ring from it . And told him how to cheat his taxes too if the underage prostitution ring was not bad enough. And you wonder why Chicago is in such mess. Liberal groups are all in the Nicks and Crannies of the the City .
Listen to this excerpt from CNS news online article -
" Former ACORN employee-turned-whistleblower Anita Moncrief told the House panel of eight Republicans and no Democrats that the organization continually got federal block grants but did not use the grants for helping the poor as promised. Rather, ACORN “used the money to fund the political machine,” Moncrief said.

“ACORN makes money off the poor,” Moncrief said. “Poverty is big business for ACORN "
Have you ever heard of the terms " Chicago style Politics " or " That's the Chicago Way " Politics and the Ruling over the Poor is Big Business for people in Chicago . Even the First Family got their hands dirty . See Barack Obama dealings in Chicago .

Indeed with Friends like this the Poor and Minority do not need Enemies . So I ask. Where is Jesse Jackson and Rainbow Push when you need them. Where is Al Sharpton . Where is Jeremiah Wright and Father Flager . Where is Lois Farrakhan . They should be marching thru the Streets of Chicago laying down their lives if need be to save the lives of the people they say the Represent .
And were are the White Liberals who care about the little ole Colored Folk so much . Where is , Seiu , Hollywood , Michael Moore , Oprah , Michael Jordan . Oprah and Jordan have positioned themselves as post racial is why I put them here in this category . Nothing wrong with that except when you divorce yourself from the issues of the Inner City who have help to enrich you . Good enough to have your show their and to play Basketball their and sell shoes but I will leave all Else behind.

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